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Network Implementation

AFCOR offers  an end‐to‐end and comprehensive set of solutions pertaining to the design, installation and management of ICT network infrastructure products and related services.

Undertake planning and related project management tasks associated with network deployment efforts fully address any requirements for migration, upgrade and/or extension services associated with existing ICT resources, if any Provision of complete documentation on network schematics  and  components comprising the network systems that are successfully deployed by AFCOR.

Development and implementation of optimal support and maintenance service frameworks incorporating on‐site, remote, help desk, troubleshooting and similar long‐ term services Development and implementation of optimal network security solutions as well as related consultancy services.

Provision of fully outsourced services in regards to the design, installation, management and support of a comprehensive list of network systems and solutions network security solutions. The development and implementation of optimal network security solutions is an ongoing and fundamental consideration for any network installation. Accordingly, AFCOR offers a comprehensive range of effective network security solutions, which are competitively priced and affordable. As always, AFCOR’s specialized network‐security expert will undertake a thorough analysis of our customers’ security requirements, and based upon the findings of this analysis effort, develop and implement a set of recommendations and options for optimally addressing these requirements.

Network‐Security Audit Services – assessment of existing network security safeguards and subsequent identification of actual and/or possible points‐of‐failures in regards to network security.

Network‐Security Threat Assessment Services – thorough network‐penetration testing as well as other comprehensive internal and external scanning services

Secure Network Infrastructure Design & Deployment Services – incorporation of worst network‐security solutions  as  a core element  of  the design  and  installation of  all network infrastructures including the deployment of effective firewalls, intrusion‐ detection as well as virus protection and removal solutions

Afcor Plc has developed, and continues to service an extensive channel of IT partners and Customers in its market. Through its long term relationship with IBM, Microsoft and a number of other IT suppliers, spanning close to 15 years, It has consistently been IBM’s strongest performing channel partner over the years.

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