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AFCOR routinely undertakes formal pre‐sales consultancy services as a standard precondition for the successful realization of maximum returns from investments in ICT resources. Using the most appropriate plan as a foundation, AFCOR strives to formally develop and implement solutions, which are best‐fit to the unique needs of each customer. Through its Customer Engineering Service (CES) department, AFCOR has, and continues, to offer a host of products, solutions and services to government, non‐ government as well as private sector entities. AFCOR’s extensive product and service offerings include the following at a minimum.

The sale, installation and management of a complete line of servers, routers, workstations, personal computers, notebooks, printers and similar other products from the leading ICT vendors of the world, The design, installation and management of new and/or existing Windows as well as UNIX based networks, The provision of complete support and maintenance services, which are customized to customers’ budgets and requirements, The supply, installation and management of UNIX or Microsoft Terminal Service for end‐to‐end thin client solutions, The design, installation and management of infrastructures involving Virtual Private Network (VPN) and other Remote Access Services.

The complete design and installation of Data/Fiber Cabling products and subsequent management services Development and provision of detailed reference manuals and Information  Technology  Infrastructure  Library  (ITIL)  as  well  as  time‐tested  ICT‐ Operations governance frameworks such as Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) Development and provision of thorough training materials and services associated withInfrastructure, hardware and software products and solutions provided by AFCOR.

The provision of end‐to‐end software and application solutions involving deployment of turn‐key solutions, integration of systems and applications as well as custom development of software and related solutions.

 AFCOR has gained internationally‐acknowledged accreditations from global ICT vendors such as IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, CISCO, ACCPAC, APC and other renowned global ICT players. Number of awards and recognition achieved include Microsoft’s Business Solution  award  ‐  1999  and IBM’s Business Partners Recognition award ‐ 2010. As added assurance of our capacity for fully meeting our customers’ comprehensive list of ICT related requirements, AFCOR regularly enrolls its system engineers in continual improvement and other pertinent training programs in order to ensure a level of in‐ house expertise that is always at the cutting edge.

Afcor Plc has developed, and continues to service an extensive channel of IT partners and Customers in its market. Through its long term relationship with IBM, Microsoft and a number of other IT suppliers, spanning close to 15 years, It has consistently been IBM’s strongest performing channel partner over the years.

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