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Support & Maintenance Services

Today's Enterprise ICT Platforms have increased in functionality and complexity, pushing support issues into the forefront of management concerns. Whether problems are revealed preventatively or in real  time, the need for timely and qualified support services is a critical element of AFCOR’s overall set of plans for reducing the risks associated  with  investments  in  ICT  resources.  AFCOR has  also  defined  these plans around the specific needs of a wide range of clients for added measure.

    • Basic Troubleshooting & Repair Services
    • Dedicated Support Services
    • Helpdesk Implementation & Management Services
    • Preventative Maintenance Services
    • Backup & Disaster Contingency Planning Services

 To summarize, AFCOR offers an extensive range of hardware and software installation and post sales support services  to  our customers and partners  across all African markets. With over 10 years of experience and coverage in most of the African markets, and with specialist and certified resources and skills deployed and available in most countries, we are well positioned to provide our clients with state of the art information technologies and services.

Afcor Plc has developed, and continues to service an extensive channel of IT partners and Customers in its market. Through its long term relationship with IBM, Microsoft and a number of other IT suppliers, spanning close to 15 years, It has consistently been IBM’s strongest performing channel partner over the years.

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